Location AI Platformis based on our proprietary technology, which analyzes and visualizes a large volume of location data at high speed, in order to use knowledge derived from big data analysis to various fields, tracking current conditions, planning strategy, running advertisements, measuring effects, and developing CRM.

Location AI PlatformLocation AI Platform
  • Location data source

    Our platform uses 10 billion UU of global data, as well as 45 million UU and more than 60 billion location information log records in Japan. Our platform also integrates Wi-Fi, beacons, and IoT big data.

  • Various statistical information

    Using public data such as census and government statistics and various questionnaire panels in a cross-sectional way.

  • Analysis and visualization technology

    High-speed processing and visualization of location big data using original algorithms and the latest data processing methods.

Three major features of Location AI Platform


    Do fast analysis and visualization of a massive volume of location information data, exceeding 60 billion records. Apply knowledge derived by Location AI to solve business issues.

  • AI Analysis Engine

    Our proprietary Location AI analyzes and visualizes data. Patent pending.

  • 45 million IDs in Japan alone

    Run advertisements to one of the largest audiences in Japan. Measure the effects of advertising.

Four major functions of Location AI Platform

Our cloud-based platform offers one-stop services, from tracking current status,
to planning strategy, opening stores / area marketing, and verifying benefits.

XL Insight

AI analyzes the behavior of consumers.
It can quickly find various insights that have never been made before.

Potential Analysis

AI also analyzes and visualizes good areas that have a high percentage of store and facility users, areas that are estimated to have a high rate of visitors.

Analysis of visits in areas

Our platform registers multiple competing stores to compare visit estimates of users by day of the week or hour of the day.

Hot Place Ranking

AI ranks other facilities and stores used by visitors to a specified store. IT can also analyze the purchasing habits of good customers.

XL Advertising

We implement advertisements linked to various types of location information based on one of the largest audience volumes in Japan*1.

POI targeting

We build audiences and run ads focused on points of interest (POI), such as users who have visited shopping malls in the past 30 days.

Trade Area Targeting

We utilize potential analysis of XL Insight, to set audiences based on actual consumer behavior. We also analyze which audiences should be emphasized so it is possible to reach many potential customers.

Event Targeting

We set audiences and run ads focusing on users who have visited an event site in the past 30 days. We offer both real time geo-targeting and historical geo-targeting*2.


We offer both real time geo-targeting and historical geo-targeting in Japan for tourists visiting from overseas.
Using our global network of partner companies, we can run advertisements in over 20 nations in addition to Japan. We can even target Japanese people living abroad.

Dynamic Creative

We support 4 types of dynamic creative. Using location information and maps of where users viewed advertisements, we can guide users to the target location. We are also capable of automatically generating many variations of advertisements, so that we can provide the appropriate information.

Visit Analysis

We measure not only mobile advertisements, but also various measure the benefits of measures including newspaper inserts and out-of-home advertisements from data using our proprietary methods.

*1 Audience: Group of users targeted for advertising).
*2 Location information advertisement based on user behavior. Real-time geo-targeting means that ads can be delivered to an audience at a specific location at the time of delivery. With historical geo-targeting, it is possible to deliver advertisements to audiences that have been in a specific place in the past.

XL Visit Analysis

Our proprietary analysis technology *3 provides highly reliable visit measurement reports which minimize the influence of external factors.

Daily Analysis

Determine the estimated number of visitors in the store area daily.

* The screen is under development

Density Analysis

We compare changes in the visit rates for the store area and its vicinity.

* The screen is under development

*3 patent pending


By linking various features and data on our Location AI Platform with data owned by companies,
we can take approaches that fit the needs of customers better than ever.

Developing CRM measures

We find the latent needs of customers, and support the development of effective CRM measures based on the results.

* The screen is under development

Improving ROI

We analyze potential sales in target areas. By measuring the share of various information or measuring the benefits of measures, we can improve lifetime value.

* The screen is under development



Please provide the following information on your application.

  • Company information
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  • Point of interest (POI) you wish to set initially
Initial Settings

It will take about 1 week to complete setup.

Setup Complete

Once setup is complete, we will notify you of the following information.

  • User account information
  • Support window
Start Operations

We will hold a kickoff meeting (1 time only), including lectures on specifically how to use products according to your purpose.


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