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Taking location information to a new dimension

I have been involved in the start up process of many different Internet businesses since the year 2000. I believe that I have witnessed several paradigm shifts referred to as "singularities" in that span of time.

The World Wide Web started with HTML and the release of the Mosaic browser, and following the appearance of search engines, and the explosion of new industries including e-commerce, consumer generated media (CGM) and social media, we have entered an age in which huge volumes of statements made by common people circulate on the Internet. Access to the Internet has also evolved from PCs connected via dial-up modems to broadband, and now smartphones that can access the Internet while in motion, always taking on new forms.

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be directly involved in the launch of some representative businesses. In the age of e-commerce and CGM, I developed the business of as a director of Digital Garage, and in social media, I contributed to the launch of Twitter in the Japanese market.
Since then, I have engaged in collaborative promotions with key Internet players in Japan, including global IT companies and mobile phone carriers, as Strategic Business Director of Google Japan.

In particular, it is commonly known fact that smartphones, which have spread rapidly since 2010, have brought significant changes to society and industry.

In the age of smartphones Thoughts on turning location information into big data and founding new businesses

The fact that anyone can carry a smartphone around with them and use the common smartphone feature "location information" means that a tremendous amount of location information data exists on the Internet at the same time, transmitted with the consent of the users (including not only location data of devices, but also location data for specific locations). This sort of location information big data was simply discarded as "log data" until now, but with the evolution of cloud computing, data science, and AI technology, its is now possible to do various statistical modeling and analysis, and gain insights using this data. In addition to location information data from smartphones, information location data will also be transmitted from beacons and in the future from IoT devices as well.

Just as in the early days of the World Wide Web, search engines were developed to find optimal information from an ever increasing number of websites, I believe that a new "singularity" has made it possible to derive useful information from ever increasing information location data. Therefore, based on the idea that people need a platform that can use this new information for daily lives and businesses, I obtained the cooperation of our principal partner Near Pte.,Ltd. in order to establish X-Locations.

Representative Director of X-Locations Inc.
Kazusuke Obi


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