Service Plan

Location AI Platform
Platform Service Plan

  • XL Insight
  • XL Advertising
  • XL Vsit Analysis
  • XL CRM


300,000 JPY
300 POI
Total POI
1,000 POI


1,000,000 JPY
1,000 POI
Total POI
5,000 POI

* The use of the platform is an annual contract.
* The number of POIs is the maximum number of locations that can be set for simultaneous analysis. The total number of POIs used is the maximum number of locations that can be analyzed in one year.

Advertising costs for XL Advertising

  • There will be an additional cost for each campaign.
  • Standard billing format
    • CPM 1,000 yen / minimum placement amount: 500,000 yen
    • When using rich creative CPM fee +100 yen

XL CRM costs

  • We estimate separately depending on the type of solution.

License for Press

A special license is available for press.Please contact us for more information

License for Academia

Special licenses are available for universities and research institutions.Please contact us for more information


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