Taking "location information" data to a new dimension

In addition to the spread of smartphones and IoT, the evolution of data science have dramatically improved the value and potential brought by location information and spatial information. We provide a platform that combines, analyzes, and visualizes various types of location data for use in daily life and business.

X-Locations has developed a platform for applying knowledge gained from location data to various fields including marketing strategy, marketing measures, and customer relationship management (CRM).

  • XL Insight
    XL Insight
    Analysis reports for strategic planning

    Artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes the business region characteristics of various stores and offices. It visualizes the behavior of consumers, and optimizes store planning, store merchandising, and sales promotions. AI does analysis to compare advantageous areas and competing stores that have a higher ratio of stores or facility users.

  • XL Advertising
    XL Advertising
    Location Based Advertising

    We have prepared a selection of real time targeting and historical targeting, backed by one of the largest volume audiences in all of Japan. It also supports dynamic creative.

  • XL Advertising
    XL Vsit Analysis
    Estimating visits and verifying benefits to set areas

    We can verify the effects of all measures taken, from web advertisements, to insert flyers, posting, and events. We also reliably verify cost-effectiveness using unique visitor measurements that account for bias.

  • XL Analyzer
    XL CRM
    Company Owned Data × Location Information Data

    By combining third party data and company owned data, we can assist you in discovering your company's strengths and market opportunities, so that you can come up with new ideas. Use this to improve the return on investment (ROI) of initiatives in each department.

Location AI Platform

  • Cutting edge data science that
    rapidly analyzes and visualizes
    difficult to handle location information data

  • One of the largest audience volumes in Japan
    and location information data
    with scalability to overseas data

    One of the largest audience volumes in Japan
    and location information data
    with scalability to overseas data

  • This platform makes it
    possible to effectively utilize big data
    even without specialized departments or knowledge,


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